Project Abstract

Ins and Outs of Recreation Public Policy


Dr. Gwynn Powell, Assistant Professor in the Department of Recreational and Leisure Studies

Project Description

Athens Clarke County Commissioners decide many things that affect our daily lives. In the training of recreation professionals, it is important for them to gain an understanding of how public policy works.

This project will use a recreation issue, like the WOW park development or skateboard park, from initial discussion to resolution as a context for learning. Streaming video of commissioner meetings and interviews with county employees will be blended with supporting documents to better understand the political side of recreation public policy.

Our team will be creating an interactive, multimedia product that contains both software, created with Flash, and video to aid in the instructional process.


Students enrolled in the Advanced Administrative Practices in Leisure Services course (RLST 5340/7340) at the University of Georgia

Recreation professionals in Georgia

Instructional Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply the steps of the public policy process
  • Explain the complexity of the system throughout the proposal process
  • Describe the human factors involved with the process i.e., what can go wrong and the timeline

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